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Restorative Dentistry

Healthy, Complete Smiles for all of Moseley

A smile that looks great isn’t all that’s required of a healthy smile. Your smile needs to function correctly, just as nature intended. We expect a lot of work out of our teeth, and if yours aren’t meeting those expectations, it’s time to consider restorative dentistry. Decay, disease, and other factors negatively affect your oral health and can lead to missing teeth. No matter how far decay has progressed, or if you’ve already lost some teeth, our restorative dentistry services can get your smile back to where it used to be. We’ll try to save your natural teeth whenever possible, but also have a wide range of replacement options for patients who require an extraction or restoration of missing teeth. With our restorative dentistry, your smile will function properly and look as brilliant as possible. You’ll only wonder why you didn’t restore your smile sooner!


Don’t worry if you’ve discovered a little decay. We can restore your tooth to a healthy state with a quick and simple dental filling. This restoration is one of the most commonly performed in the dental industry, however not all are the same. We use a mercury-free composite material that matches the color of your tooth, creating a seamless restoration that keeps your mouth healthy. We remove the decayed area, which stops it from spreading and fill the tooth with our composite resin. Once cured, you’ll be able to eat and drink without any pain from decay.

Porcelain Inlays / Onlays

When your tooth succumbs to moderate decay, it may no longer be able to support a traditional filling. In these situations, we may recommend a porcelain inlay or onlay restoration. After removing the decayed portion of the tooth, the dentist will fit you for the restoration depending on whether there is damage done to the cusps of the tooth. Inlays sit inside the cusps, on the biting surface of the tooth, whereas onlays cover a more extensive area, extending over the cusps. Crafted from high-quality porcelain, these restorations strengthen the structural integrity of your teeth and are durable.

Crowns / Bridges

Porcelain crowns have many uses in both restorative and cosmetic dentistry. They protect weakened teeth, restore dental implants, anchor a dental bridge, or offer support for a tooth that has received endodontic therapy. Dental crowns are like little “caps” that fit over the surface of the tooth and are made from high-quality porcelain. We’ll match the shade of your natural teeth, so your restoration seamlessly blends with the rest of your smile.

Anchored by crowns, a dental bridge is a fixed prosthetic replacement for missing teeth. Whether it’s a series of teeth or one single tooth, bridges can replace any teeth you’ve lost. Crowns are used to hold the dental bridge in place, as they are bonded to the healthy teeth adjacent to the gap created by missing teeth. Our bridges are very natural looking and complete your smile effectively and beautifully. Both our dental crowns and dental bridges are always metal-free.

Dentures / Partials

From an incomplete smile which can affect your confidence, to a loss of functionality in the way your mouth works, missing teeth can affect many aspects of your oral health. Dentures are a replacement option for patients who have lost either the entire top or bottom arch of teeth or both. Dentures are a full set of prosthetic teeth, which are removable. Our dentures are comfortable, as they are custom-created just for you and held in place by natural suction. Find the complete smile that you deserve with a set of beautiful dentures. Want more security? Ask us about implant-retained dentures!

Have you lost a few teeth? Patients who have some healthy teeth remaining may be candidates for replacing missing teeth with partial dentures. Partials are a removable set of prosthetics which clasp onto your natural teeth. Our partials are crafted for your unique smile, and blend beautifully with your natural teeth. You can have the complete smile you want, without sacrificing aesthetics. Depending on your situation, we offer both metal and metal-free partials, and we’ll help you determine which is the right choice for you.


Infections in the nerves of your teeth can be incredibly painful. When this occurs, the infected nerves need to be removed to preserve the health of your mouth. While the idea of a root canal may seem scary, our team ensures that you’re comfortable and getting exactly the treatment you need. We utilize a special technology called rotary endodontics, which uses a handheld tool and allows the dentist to perform the root canal with ease. After a root canal, we may recommend a dental crown to further stabilize the tooth and help promote the health of the restored tooth. We perform most root canals in our office, including anterior and premolar root canals as well as molar endodontics. Specific cases may require a referral, in which case we’ll be happy to help.

Oral Surgery

We’ll try to save your natural teeth as often as possible, though there are some cases where an extraction may be appropriate. Should you require oral surgery, first know that you are in the very best hands at Swift Creek Dental Center. Our compassionate team of professionals will thoroughly explain all parts of the surgery, including post-op instructions, and will ensure you’re comfortable throughout your treatment. We perform both minor extractions and more extensive oral surgery, such as wisdom teeth removal and bony impactions in the comfort of our office. Certain circumstances may warrant a referral to a specialist, and in these cases, we’ll gladly recommend a trusted professional to handle your surgery.


Crafting the perfect restoration is easy with our advanced dental technology. We use digital photography to capture high-quality images of your teeth and gums. This grants us the opportunity to detect any areas of decay or disease that may not be apparent just by looking. These high-resolution images ensure accurate placement of restorations and aid us in providing the ultimate care for all our patients. We’re also equipped with CEREC technology, which makes getting same day crowns and certain restorations possible. This saves our patients time and offers the best smile possible quicker.


If you’re looking for a tooth replacement option that’s closest to your natural teeth, dental implants are exactly that. The implant process starts with the surgical placement of titanium rod into your jaw, which will fuse to the bone as it heals and mimic the root structure of a natural tooth. Dental implants stop the jaw bone from atrophying and can last a lifetime with proper care. At Swift Creek Dental Center, we restore dental implants with custom-crafted crowns that look just as beautiful as nature intended. Whether you need a traditional dental implant restoration or mini-implants, we’ve got you covered. Our patients with dentures can benefit from implant-retained dentures, which are held in place by four dental implants and offer a more secure fit. We also craft All-on-4 implant restorations, which offer a fixed, full set of replacement teeth on only four implants per arch.

Same-Day Crowns with CEREC

At Swift Creek Dental Center, our goal is to help eliminate the hassle of multiple office visits and referring to specialists for treatments that we can accomplish in our Midlothian office. For those patients who qualify, we are able to complete your crown work within one visit. We utilize our CEREC technology to complete the impression of your teeth and create these crowns to have the perfect fit. Call our office today to see if this service can be used for you!

Our restorative dentistry can reveal the beautiful smile you deserve. Schedule your appointment now!